Mars Express orbital data is now available

The Mars Express realtime simulation at now includes trajectory information on the spacecrafts orbit around Mars on a trial basis. Unfortunately I have problems uploading data for Phobos so at present information regarding distance etc. to Phobos cannot be displayed. Working on it.


Voyager 2 Data Adjustment

Voyager 2 trajectory data has been adjusted to match output by the Voyager 2 team tweets. Data provided in JPL’s Horizons system was about 2 light seconds (~600,000km) off.

Saturn Extended Extended Mission Approved

The Cassini mission had its extended-extended mission approved and will run until 15 Sep 2017 when it will be deliberately crashed into Saturn (to protect Titan from Earthlings contamination). I have uploaded the new timeline as well as the general trajectory (the data that the system will fall back on when the segment trajectory data runs out). The latest segment trajectory is up as well and runs to early March 2010. Go Cassini!

Data update for Cassini and Dawn

The latest Cassini sequence trajectory data has been uploaded and will be used until it expires on 04 Feb 2010. After that date, the data will fallback to the base data until the new trajectory  sequence is available.

Dawn cruise sequence DC036 has been uploaded as well and will take over on 08 Feb 2010.